October 2112 Bonsai Sekiyu Kai Newsletter

BSK Meetings & Field Trips

Wed. October 17: MonthlyMeeting 7:00-9:00 PM

Sacramento Buddhist Church

Refreshment providers: N-Z

Sat. October 20: Workshop  9:00 to Noon

Maruyama Bonsai Nursery

October Meeting & Workshop

The focus of our October meeting (Wed. 10/17) and Saturday workshop (10/20) will be further work on the club’s large boxwoods.  For “Show and Tell” on the 17th, please bring trees that reflect the season: autumn color, flowers and fruit.  Or, as always, any tree you’d like to share or get consultation on.

From the President

The Club is in good financial health and kudos to our members for getting more involved in Club activities. On the down side, one of our most active members, Vice-President, Dareld Binns, recently resigned due to family matters. We wish him and his family all the best.  Fortunately, we had another highly active member, Chris Pfeifle, step up and I have appointed him Vice-President.  In his new role, Chris is formulating an activities calendar and is seeking suggestions from all members of possible activities/programs. Please present him with any ideas you might have.

As we all know, the Golden State Bonsai Federation (GSBF) Convention will be October 24-28, here in Sacramento at the Red Lion Inn, across from Arden Mall.  Our Sacramento bonsai community is host, and to insure that we put on a quality event, we need lots of help from of all four Sacramento clubs and members. That means voluntary help in performing the various tasks at the Convention and donations to the raffle. On the day you plan to volunteer just visit the Registration Desk for a task assignment.  A One-Day pass, which will allow you access most Convention areas will be issued for each day you volunteer.

The BSK Executive Committee has approved a club donation of $100 to the GSBF show’s Benefit Raffle.  As Chairman of the Benefit Drawing Committee, I also encourage each of you to individually make a donation of bonsai or garden related items, wine, cash, gift certificates, etc. I will bring Donation Forms to our next meeting and will gladly accept your donations at that time. If you are planning to attend the Convention, please bring your donation with you to the Benefit Drawing area. If you can make it to neither the meeting nor the Convention and want to donate, call me (Timm) at (916) 362-8147 after October 17th and I will make arrangements to pickup your donation.

A favorable number of raffle donations, and the sale of raffle tickets are the primary source of revenue at the Convention, and the raffle’s success is critical to the financial health of the GSBF. So please make every effort to support the raffle.

Bylaws Revision

Our club was founded in 1974.  In 1999 the Bylaws were revised and a Constitution was created.  In 2011, the Executive Committee saw a need for the Bylaws and Constitution to be improved and integrated into a single document (Bylaws).   Earlier this month, the E.C. completed its work and, as per current Bylaws, is taking the following steps toward a vote by the membership on the revisions:

  1. The proposed revisions will be published in the newsletter in October and November.
  2. At the October and November meetings, members will have opportunities to discuss the changes.
  3. A vote will be taken at the November meeting.  The current Bylaws and Constitution disagree on how many people must be present and whether a majority or 2/3 vote is required for approval, so we will have to use our judgment.

At the very end of this newsletter, you will find the proposed Bylaws.  Most changes were made to simplify and clarify.  (The editor will bring hard copies of the current Bylaws and Constitution to the October and November meetings for anyone who wishes to make direct comparisons.)  There are a few changes of substance, as follows:

1. Integration of Bylaws and Constitution into one document

As a 501(c)(3) organization, we need Bylaws or a Constitution.  There is no need for both.  Our current

documents overlap and do not always disagree.

2. Members

We will continue the membership categories of regular, honorary, and minor members, but we would eliminate the “family members” category.  The only difference between family and regular members is a discount on dues for the former, but since the Executive Committee is already charged with setting the dues structure, so the extra membership category is unnecessary.

3. Officers will take office in July instead of January

Terms of office for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past President will still be for 2 years, and elections will still be in odd years.  However, elections will be held in spring instead of fall and those elected will take office in July instead of January.  This simply fits better with the bonsai calendar and our calendar of meetings: the new officers have the summer, for instance, to get organized and plan club programs.  The timing of the Audit Committee’s report is also changed to accommodate the calendar of club meetings.

4. No consecutive terms

The current Constitution says, “An officer may not succeed himself except as authorized by a vote of the membership,” which, if you think about it, is meaningless.  We propose that no one may have consecutive terms in the same office.  Keep in mind that this would still allow the Vice-President, say, to run for President, or, for that matter, to be Vice-President again a couple of years later.   Nevertheless, in the E.C. there has been some discussion about whether it would be better to allow 2 consecutive terms in the same office.  Club members may want to discuss at the October meeting.

5. Disbandment

Should the club disband, assets would go to the Capital City Bonsai Association (in Sacramento), not Bonsai Collection North (in Oakland). The E.C. thinks assets should stay local.

6. Elimination of quorum requirement at regular meetings

The most recently ratified Constitution (1999) requires a quorum of 2/3 of the members to be present for a vote.  In fact, the presence of this many members is rare. As a practical matter, the E.C. proposes to eliminate the quorum requirement for any votes taken at a regularly scheduled (monthly) meeting.

7. Committees

Aside from the Executive Committee, the current Bylaws require nine specific committees to be appointed annually. The revised Bylaws require only the Show and Auditing Committees (the only ones that actually exist), allowing the President to create others as needed.

Regional Bonsai Shows

Oct. 20-21 in Union City: Yamato Bonsai Kai 41st Annual Bonsai Exhibition and Demonstration.  Southern Alameda county Buddhist Church, 32975 Alvarado-Niles Rd.  $5 admission.  Sat. 1 PM – 9 PM with demo at 6:30 PM.  Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM with demo at 1 PM. www.yamatobonsaikai.org

Oct. 25-28 in Sacramento: GSBF 2012 Convention XXXV “California Dreaming.” Doubletree Hotel, 2001 Point West Way. www.gsbfconvention.org

Nov. 9-10 in Marin: Marin Bonsai Club’s Fall Show.  Marin Art and Barden Center, Livermore Pavilion 30 Sir Francis Drake Blve.  Friday 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM, Sat. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  More info at www.marinbonsai.org.

Dec. 1 in Fresno:  Fresno Bonsai society’s 4th Annual Bonsai Yard Sale.  736 West Browning Ave.  Starts at 9:00 AM.  If you would like to sell bonsai-related items, notify Ralph Schroeder at ralsch@sbcglobal.net.  More info at www.fresnobonsai.com or Fresno Bonsai Society on Facebook.


BONSAI SEKIYU KAI (meaning plant & stone lovers club) is a non-profit social organization devoted to assisting members in developing and improving skills fundamental to the art of bonsai (miniature trees) and suiseki (viewing stones).  The club was formed in June 1976 with its first show in 1977.  As a member of the Golden State Bonsai Federation and part of the Capitol City Bonsai Association, we support Bonsai Collection North in Oakland.  Dues are $__ per year.  We meet at 7:00 PM on the 3rd Wed. of the month (except July & August) at the Sacramento Buddhist Church, 2401 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento, CA.  For more information, see the contact information in this newsletter.


Timm Johnson, President:

Dareld Binns, Vice President:

Mark Edelstein, Secretary & Newsletter Editor:

Steven Fat, Treasurer:

Chris Pfeifle, Show Chair:

George Sakurai, Past President

Jim Fujii, President Emeritus




Founded 1976


Revised 2012 to supplant 1999 Bylaws and Constitution





A.The name of the organization will be Bonsai Sekiyu Kai, hereafter termed the Association.




  1. As a social and educational 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation, preservation and perpetuation of the arts of bonsai and suiseki the Association will:
    1. Hold educational meetings, workshops and other events to advance members’ knowledge and skills in the arts of bonsai and suiseki.
    2. Distribute a monthly newsletter to inform members of meetings and events.
    3. Conduct at least one bonsai/suiseki show annually to present the arts of bonsai and suiseki to the community.




  1. Any adult may become a member by paying annual dues.  Privileges of membership include:
    1. Attendance and participation in activities of the Association, including meetings, field trips and shows.
    2. Voting privileges.
    3. Eligibility to run for office.
    4. Receipt of monthly Newsletter.
    5. Minor members
      1. Membership for individuals under 18 years of age will require approval of the Executive Committee.
      2. When attending Association activities, minor members must either be accompanied by a parent/guardian or must provide written consent from a parent or guardian to participate.
      3. Honorary Members
        1. The Executive Committee may nominate an individual to become an honorary member based on significant service to the Association and/or outstanding contributions to the arts of bonsai or suiseki.
        2. Nominees will be granted honorary membership based on majority vote of the membership present at a regularly scheduled business meeting.
        3. Honorary Members will pay no dues.
        4. Honorary Members are entitled to all privileges of all other members.
        5. Dues
          1. Dues structure
            1. The Executive Committee will determine dues.
            2. The Executive Committee may create different dues categories (e.g., rates for minors and for families).
            3. The Executive Committee will notify the members of any changes in dues.
            4. Payment of dues
              1. Annual dues will be due by February 1 of each year
              2. Any member who has not paid dues by February 1 will be notified by the Treasurer that payment is overdue.  Such notification will be made by the end of February.
              3. Any member who has not paid dues by April 1 will be considered to have forfeited his/her membership until he/she pays dues.
              4. Dues will be pro-rated for any individual who was not a member the previous year and who joins as a new member on or after April 1.
              5. Termination of membership
                1. An individual’s membership may be terminated by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee or by majority vote of the membership present at a regularly scheduled business meeting.
                2. Reasons for termination include but are not limited to:
                  1. Willful disregard for the well being of other members;
                  2. Discriminatory behavior toward other club members; or
                  3. Behavior that harms the image of the Association or the traditions of bonsai or suiseki.





  1. Association Officers will be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past President.
  2. Terms of office will be two years beginning on July 1 of odd-numbered years.
  3. Members may not serve consecutive terms in the same office unless the first term was for less than two years.
  4. The President will
    1. Oversee the operations of the Association.
    2. Conduct meetings.
    3. Represent the Association in external matters.
    4. Appoint members to committees and other posts, except for the Show Committee, which the Show Chair will create.
    5. The Vice President will
      1. Serve as Program Chair, arranging regular and special learning and social activities such as educational programs at business meetings, workshops and field trips.
      2. Conduct meetings when the President is unavailable.
      3. The Secretary will
        1. Record and maintain minutes of Executive Committee and business meetings.
        2. Maintain Association records (Historian).
        3. Regularly distribute a newsletter including announcements of meetings and                                         events.
        4. Prepare correspondence.
        5. Renew Golden State Bonsai Federation (GSBF) membership and insurance payments annually.
        6. Maintain the Membership Roster.
        7. The Treasurer will
          1. Maintain one or more bank accounts for Association funds.
          2. Collect and record all dues and other monies due the Association.
          3. Manage Association funds and maintain financial records.
          4. Disburse payments as authorized by the Executive Committee.
          5. Report monthly on finances to the Executive Committee and membership.
          6. Submit a written report each June to the Executive Committee on the previous year’s revenues and expenditures, and make a verbal report of the same at the June business meeting.
          7. Make financial records available annually to the Auditing Committee for review.
          8. The Immediate Past President will:
            1. Take office for two years immediately after serving as President.
            2. Serve as an advisor to the Executive Committee to provide continuity to the Association.
            3. Nominations and Elections
              1. Any member in good standing will be eligible for nomination as an officer.
              2. In April of odd-numbered years, the Executive Committee will solicit nominations from the membership for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past President will create a slate of nominees.
              3. The slate will be published in the newsletter in May of odd-numbered years.
              4. At the June business meeting in odd-numbered years, the President will review the slate, solicit other nominations, and conduct the election of all officers, to be determined by a majority vote of the members present.
              5. Newly elected officers will take office on July 1 of odd-numbered years.
              6. Vacancies
                1. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice President will become President for the remainder of the term.
                2. In the case of vacancies of offices other than President, the President will appoint a member to fill the position until the next election.
                3. Executive Committee
                  1. The Executive Committee will consist of the four elected officers and the Immediate Past President.
                  2. The Executive Committee will oversee and plan Association business, address relevant issues, conduct emergency business and oversee finances including reviewing the annual report of the Audit Committee.
                  3. The President will chair Executive Committee meetings.
                  4. The President will call Executive meetings as necessary but at least three times annually.
                  5. Any member may attend Executive Committee meetings.
                  6. The Secretary will keep minutes of Executive Committee meetings.



  1. The treasurer will collect, record, disburse, and manage all monies due the Association as per Article 4, Section G.
  2. Officers may maintain petty cash as authorized by the Executive Committee.
  3. Receipts of all expenditures must be submitted to the Treasurer.
  4. The President and the Treasurer will be recorded on the Association bank account documents as authorized to sign Association checks with either signature sufficient to validate the check.
  5. Auditing Committee
    1. In April the President will appoint a member to be Auditing Committee Chair for one year.
    2. In June, the Treasurer will make all financial records available to the Auditing Committee Chair, who will audit them and report the findings to the Executive Committee.
    3. In the event of disbandment of the Association, any residual assets of the Association will be distributed to Capital City Bonsai Association and will not in any way accrue to any officer or member.




  1. Business Meetings
    1. The President will schedule at least six business meetings per year.
    2. The Vice President will serve as Program Chair for education programs and events (see Article VI).
    3. The Secretary will publish the time, date and location of the Association meetings and other events in the Newsletter.
    4. The Secretary will keep minutes of the business meetings and educational presentations.
    5. Shows
      1. At least one annual bonsai/suiseki show will be held each year.
      2. The Vice President will appoint a Show Chair who will create a Show Committee to arrange and operate the show.
      3. The Show Chair will provide an estimated budget to the Executive Committee for approval.




  1. Executive Committee: See Article IV.
  2. Auditing Committee: See Article V.
  3. Show Committee: See Article VI.
  4. The President may create ad hoc or standing committees as deemed necessary.
  5. The Executive Committee must approve all committee expenditures.



  1. The Executive Committee will propose revisions to the Bylaws as necessary.
  2. Proposed revisions will be published in the Newsletter prior to the business meeting where the membership will vote on the revision.
  3. Adoption of proposed revisions will require a two-thirds vote of the members in attendance at a regularly scheduled business meeting.
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